This Diwali, Give your Living Room a Whole New Spin

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Why give the living room a revamp

There is always that unnerving feeling of something missing, when you see a house that is not decked up during Diwali. The appearance and feel of a house that is very warm and welcoming, is what everyone aims to create during Diwali. Diwali means bright lights and colours and a lively atmosphere. So it is arguably the perfect time for a complete makeover for your living room. Especially with this long ensuing global pandemic, COVID-19, ensuring that we really are stuck at home, for a large part of the time. Once you revamp the living room, it is going to change the entire perspective in which you perceive your own house, giving it a whole new edge. It will freshen up your mind and can also act as your source of inspiration. Moreover, you also have the turn of the year coming up in just a few weeks. So with an entirely fresh ambience within your own home, you will be able to usher in the new year and leave behind the barrage of dark times that we had to face throughout this year.

Living Room Decor Ideas

Furniture – This is always an important item that you must choose properly. One of the most important furniture items is obviously the sofa(s). It will arguably be the largest piece of furniture in your living room, so make sure that it’s shape and size does not make the entire living room feel overstuffed and/or cluttered. In the case of TV Cabinets and or other furniture items, plan beforehand on where you want to place it. That will give you the basic dimensional parameters, along which you search for your perfect furniture item.

Fabrics – Just selecting the furniture for the living room will not suffice. You also need to keep a strong leash on which fabrics get displayed in your living room. These fabrics can range from your sofa cushion covers, sofa covers, carpet, etc. We at Samrat Interiors, with our extensive experience in the field, would suggest that you ensure that the colour of the fabric(s), complement the colour scheme and ambience of the living room.

How we help you

Diwali will be a perfect opportunity if you were waiting all year and saving up to spruce up the whole atmosphere of your home. The living room is arguably space where the family spends the maximum amount of time together. So by making it more lively and attractive, you turn living in your own home into an exciting experience for your family, and you too. If buying new furniture seems excessively expensive, you can opt for rented furniture. For any information regarding the subject, or any assistance, etc. just call us at Samrat Interiors. Our entire team of skilled professionals will turn your living room revamp, into an extremely enjoyable experience.


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