Everything You Wanted to Know about Buying Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon

Everything You Wanted to Know about Buying Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon
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Modular Kitchen Design, Manufacturers and Stores in Gurgaon

As property prices in Gurgaon and the NCR soar, interior designers and homeowners are looking to maximize every inch of the available space. Modular kitchens are indeed a godsend. What if you don’t have a big kitchen? You can get the maximum utility out of the available space with a modular kitchen.
When done right, modular kitchens increase storage, enhance functionality, and offer the best aesthetics. Modular kitchens are stylish, versatile, practical, and easy to maintain.
Designing a modern kitchen is not an easy task – especially when you have to consider various factors like – ample counter space for cooking as well as storage, sufficient power outlets for all your modern electronic appliances and more.
Whether you are upgrading a well, loved kitchen or designing a brand new kitchen from scratch, there are plenty of questions that pop up in your mind, when you hear the words, “Modular Kitchen.” Here, in this guide, you can find answers to all your queries on modular kitchen installations and setups in Gurgaon.

What are the Trending Modular Kitchens in Gurgaon?

Kitchens have transformed from a place filled with soot and dirty dishes to the center focal point of a home. It has emerged as a place where families gather around the dining table, and warm memories are made.
Let’s take a look at the popular modular kitchen designs for 2019 that is trending in Gurgaon, NCR and the rest of India.

● Smart kitchens – Motion sense kitchen faucets, smart refrigerators, automatic lighting, etc.
● Colours and plenty of colours – Gone are the days of plain whites and beiges. The kitchens of 2019 are filled with vibrant and modern colours.
● New textures for cabinets, innovative storage designs, hardwood floors, kitchen islands, eye-catching backsplashes are some of the other popular modular kitchen trends of 2019.
Take a look at some of the innovative and popular modular kitchen installations in Gurgaon that caught our eyes and stole our hearts.

How much does a Modular Kitchen cost in Gurgaon?

It’s impossible to give a single figure answer to this question, as the cost of your kitchen depends on several factors like – materials used, size of the kitchen, number of cabinets, cabinet design and more. Here, we give you a simple guide to calculate the cost of your modular kitchen in Gurgaon.

● What is the material you have used?

Modular kitchen materials are available in a broad range of budgets from particle board, laminates, HDF/MDF, plywood to solid wood. Different materials have varying costs.
● What is the type of finish?

You can choose from various finishes like laminates, veneers, Deco, PU, membrane, PLPB (Pre Lam Particle Board) and more depending on your budget.
● What are the accessories used in the kitchen design? 

Are you adding innovative storage options like pullouts, inbuilt oven, corner units, electric chimney, or are you just designing the cabinets?
● What is the square foot area of the kitchen? 

The cost of your modular kitchen is measured in cost per square foot. You need to find the square footage of each cabinet. This is calculated by multiplying the width, feet, and depth all measured in feet. You can use a square foot calculator to help you figure out these values.

The final cost of your modular kitchen depends on all these factors. Once you have finalized your choices, use an online modular kitchen cost calculator to get an estimate of the total cost of your kitchen project.

Samrat Interiors – The No.1 Modular Kitchen Manufacturers and Store in Gurgaon

The kitchen is where the heart is. The kitchen is the soul of your home and needs to be designed with precise attention and care.
At Samrat Interiors, we help you bring your dream kitchen to life. We believe that the kitchen is not just a utility space. It should be functional as well as aesthetical, keeping in tune with the rest of your interiors.
When you approach Samrat Interiors, the No.1 modular kitchen store in Gurgaon , you can rest assured knowing that you are in safe hands. Our team of expert interior designers sit with you and listen to all your requirements and ideas. We then give you a wide list of sample kitchens that are in tune with your needs and style.
Once you finalize the style of the modular kitchen you need, it’s time to get back to the drawing board. Our designers craft precise 2D and 3D renderings of your kitchen, with all the specific measurements and functionalities, included. Once you give us the go-ahead, we start the production of your kitchen. The colors, materials, and finishes – the choices are all yours.
We manufacture your modular kitchen in-house at our expansive factory in Gurgaon using world-class Italian furniture making machinery. This helps us deliver top-notch finish to your products. Once the production is complete, we install the kitchen at your home, using expert craftsmen – fitters, carpenters, electricians all overseen by your dedicated project manager.


Latest Modular Kitchen Accessories for 2019

Gone are the days when you had to toil for hours in sweaty kitchens to cook meals for your family. Today, with the latest range of modular kitchen accessories, cooking is effortless, quick and hassle-free perfect for the modern contemporary women of India.
Here’s a list of the top popular modular kitchen accessories that you should have:

● Drawer systems
● Tall units
● Pullouts
● Lift-up cabinet doors
● Corner pullout units and corner solutions
● Cutlery trays
● Spice racks
● Dustbin holders
● Vegetable basket
● Fruit basket
● Partition basket
● Cup and saucer basket
● Bottle basket
● Magic corner
● Thali holder
● Pantry unit
● Perforated cutlery unit
● Carousel
● Grain trolley basket
● Below sink basket
● Tandem drawers
● Rolling shutters
● Detergent basket


How to take care of your Modular Kitchen?

Don’t know where to start cleaning your brand, new modular kitchen? Here’s all that you need to know to keep it spotless.

● Daily Clean
1. Wash and scrub your sinks with mild soap and nylon scrub pads

2. Wipe food spillage as soon as you have finished cooking

3. Wipe down the backsplash with mild soap and warm water

4. Wipe the countertop with a disinfectant

5. Keep cabinets closed during cooking to prevent the insides from getting greasy

6. Wipe dry all utensils before returning them to cabinets

7. Sweep and mop the floor

● Weekly Clean
1. Wipe down all stainless steel surfaces with a solution of warm water and baking soda to maintain the shine

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to dust the nooks and crannies

3. Empty the cabinets and wipe with a wet sponge to remove cooking residue

4. Wash the kitchen rugs

● Monthly Deep Clean
1. Clear away grout using strong cleaners

2. Clean the electric chimney, oven, and refrigerator

● Annual Deep Clean
1. Use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner for the chimney

2. Clean the exhaust fans

3. Check if all the cabinets and drawers are working perfectly

4. Maintain the plumbing

This is how to clean modular kitchen. Print this guide and have it handy.


Modular Kitchen Repair

Generally speaking, modular kitchens are quite robust and durable. They last for years to come with regular maintenance. However, it’s always recommended that you choose a modular kitchen manufacturer in Gurgaon who is known for their excellent after-sales service.
Here, at Samrat Interiors, we offer a wide range of post-sales services like – AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract), repair and replacement services, regular modular kitchen maintenance, and more. Get in touch with our sales department to know more.
With over four decades of experience in the furniture making and interior design industry and having served thousands of happy customers, Samrat Interiors is the go-to modular kitchen store in Gurgaon for all customers.

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