Tips & Tricks for Interior Designing a Small Apartment in Gurgaon

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Due to the high realty prices in Gurgaon, more people are plumping for smaller apartments. Interior décor in a rather small flat, however, maybe a tad complex.

The inhabitants face the challenge of arranging their furniture strategically without cluttering the space.

Most people feel restricted as there is not much room for experimentation in small apartments. But there are still some ways around it.

If you are planning to rent or buy an small apartmet, don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are some tips and tricks for designing Instagram able Interiors of a small apartment in Gurgaon.

Mount Decorative Mirrors

Large size mirrors on the walls brighten the area, creating an illusion of vast space. For big rooms with dark corners or any other room with little access to natural light, installing mirrors right across the windows can enhance the luminance and add another dimension of space. A strategically placed mirror could reflect the exterior view and contrive an illusionary “outside”.

Decorative small mirrors can also be used, instead of artwork, to fill empty wall space. Place them together to form a pattern that would make the room look spacious as well as add to its personality. What more, mirrors can easily blend with any design theme. Also, you don’t need to dig too deep into your pocket, to add a majestic yet contemporary persona to your home.

Keep Your Furniture Off the Floor

Most interior designers swear by the idea of lifting the furniture off the ground using extended legs. So make your chairs, centre tables, dining tables and side storage cabinets stand tall. If your furniture is elevated and does not block the view of the floor, your space looks roomy.

Also, try not to push the furniture up against the wall as closed areas around furniture pieces, make your space too stuffy. Allow a walkway width of 60-100 cm around different sections to make it look well-balanced and spaced out.

Installing Cabinets with Storage

A proper plan is a must before starting the decoration of a small apartment. When buying cabinets or units for your LED TV, make sure that they have storage space. This is a great way to declutter the room and stow away magazines, toys, towels, blankets and other small stuff, comfortably hidden from the view.

Hang Long Drapes over Windows

Hang the curtains high to trick the eyes into believing that you have high ceilings and therefore experience a larger breathing space.

Go for light colours to make the room appear airy and lighter. Light colours will keep the space bright without creating distinct boundaries between areas.

Use your Space Vertically

You may not have a lot of square foot space in your apartment, but you can utilize most of it by going up vertically. The built-in wall mounted bookcase will add extra space for storage. Wall shelves are an excellent way to put up your memorabilia and other decorative pieces on display. You can showcase your items as well as create much-needed space to stash unused articles.

This is an aesthetically-appealing yet functional, and inexpensive approach to transforming your small space.

Wall-mounted LED Units

LED units are the cornerstone of almost every living space. It’s, hence, common to ponder on the more efficient ways to place it. A wall-mounted LED unit brings about a harmonious idyllically composition to your living room.

Mounting your TV helps you hide unmanageable ugly cable wires to create a clean look. Mounting your LED TV to the wall will give your home a more modern, upgraded aesthetic appeal and utilize the space optimally.

Decorate the Small Space in the Best Possible Way

Pay heed to these tips and make the most of your small space.

You don’t have to sacrifice the style in the process of decorating your small apartment. Go with something that makes you smile and oozes comfort. When it comes to interior designing a small home, remember, less is more.

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