Kitchens, The Heart And Soul of Every Household

Kitchens, The Heart And Soul of Every Household
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The trend of going out for dinner or having takeout(s) and ordering food online has increased in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Since the inception of the COVID-19 lockdown, a significant percentage of the global population has started ordering food. However, even this massive shift in food trends has not focused on the kitchen, which remains one of the main hubs for socialization around which home life revolves. According to a poll cited by the “Food and Wine Magazine,” Indians spend more than 13 hours(on average) in the kitchen every week.

Previously according to our daily needs and our packed lifestyle(s), the amount of food prepared at home was lower. In fact, in a considerable number of households, the food prepared was only for two people due to the massive rise in nuclear families worldwide. In maximum cases, both these family members have to go to work every day. However, with the shift in the global population’s drive towards having a healthier lifestyle and, of course, the ongoing global pandemic(COVID-19), most individuals have become confined to the four walls of their homes. That means people want to prepare food at home to know the exact ingredients, in their precise quantities, that goes into the food they consume. This significant trend shift(s) has seen the event of going out for a dinner party being replaced by the same, just at home. So, instead of being designed as a place to cook meals for a couple of people, it has turned into a hub where 5, 8, or even a group of 10 people can socialize in. This makes the kitchen the “heart and soul of home life,” in the real sense of the statement.

A person’s entire being, including the mind, body, and soul, is nurtured by food. No living creature can survive without it. This is the main reason why the kitchen, the place where food(that provides nutrients) is prepared, takes a central role in our everyday life. Kitchens can also be the space where an entire family bands through enjoyable family/group activities. Preparing food with the other members of your family can be a convenient bonding experience. It is not much of a problem if things get a bit messy and everyone has a chance to learn a new recipe. One of the main factors that make the kitchen stand out from the rest of the rooms in a home is that it is a shared space, which can be frequented by all family members. It is not a room where there are restrictions on who can come in or not. So every family member will utilize the kitchen at least once in the entire day. In recent times, individuals have started adapting their kitchens to make it into a place conducive to having a group’s congregation (family, friends, or others).

In line with this significant alteration in the kitchen dynamics, it has also become necessary to style the kitchen to have a welcoming atmosphere and an ambiance for socialization.

How Samrat Interiors Make The Best Kitchens

One of the major reasons why people tend to go for this type of kitchen is definitely the fact that they are modern and attractive and they come with a lot of available space that can be utilized to house different elements, like utensils, food, etc. The best thing about us, Samrat Interiors, is that we believe the style of the kitchen must go hand in hand with your design or style, and if possible even alleviate it. However, we always ensure that all our products have been priced within a very affordable range. Our entire cycle of providing you with a new kitchen starts from your first inquiry and goes on till the time the kitchen has already been installed at your home by us. With our experienced team, you enjoy complete flexibility in designing the kitchen(s) and the materials that are going to be installed in the kitchen. In fact, to help you out, we shall also provide you with a 2D and a 3D representation of your finished kitchen. Once you have all this information, you can easily calculate the budget you will need to allocate for this. You can rest assured about the quality since we only use Italian Machinery for the creation of any items. So, we can proudly say that the structural integrity of all our furniture, including the ones meant for the kitchen, is simply a cut above the rest. Finally, once you have finished ordering from us, just sit back and relax. Your kitchen will be installed by our professional so that you don’t have to.

How To Design And Select The Perfect Kitchen

Kitchen Floor: The kitchen floor, first and foremost, has to be extremely long-lasting. It had to be durable enough to take a lot of abuse and still hold its integrity. Since it is the kitchen floor, there will be many different hard and corrosive elements that it will have to face, like hot oil, just-cooked food, etc. Moreover, there will be a tremendous amount of foot traffic. So durability and practicality will always be the main factors you need to base your kitchen floors’ design and build. At Samrat Interiors, we recommend that you contact our experienced professionals when you think of designing your kitchen so that they can guide you through the process.
Kitchen Color: White, yellow, ivory, red, green, gray, and blue are all colors that are quite popular for kitchen walls and even as accents. However, it must be understood that they are mostly used for brightening up arguably the most essential room of the home, the kitchen. So, in case you are in two minds when trying to select the appropriate hue, simply lay your choices in front of esteemed professionals. In order to provide some assistance in this regard, our entire team of highly trained and experienced professionals, at Samrat Interiors, have a number of combinations at hand so that your kitchen always gives off an incredibly attractive vibe.
Electrical items in the kitchen: In regards to electrical items, the kitchen is more or less the busiest room in the entire home. It often tends to be the room that has the maximum power requirement. So this has to be taken into account when you are trying to ensure that all the electrical items have been placed in the optimal position(s). Electrical Sockets, circuits(cookers, ovens, etc.), lighting, extractor hood power supplies, etc., all need to be planned perfectly so that all of them work together without causing problems.
Working Triangle: The “Working Triangle”, which was originally developed back in the early 1900s, is better known as the “kitchen triangle” or the “golden triangle”. It is the theory that propagates the fact that any kitchen has three main working areas and thus this word, ‘triangle’ in the name. These three main areas are the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator. The tenets of this theory state that, every one of the “triangle’s” legs, has to imperatively be less than nine feet each, from one another. But it’s important to remember that the distance should not be less than four feet with the triangle’s sum total distance not exceeding 26 feet(min. 13 feet). This ensures that the kitchen is not too small or big and that all three of the above-mentioned components are within reach.

What Are The Most Popular Kitchen Layout Styles

One wall – One wall or “Line” kitchen setups are generally more prevalent in homes, where people are a bit cramped for space. Just as suggested in the name, the One wall kitchens are kitchens where every single cabinet, each appliance, etc. are all shifted towards a single wall of a home, so as to free up space. In fact, this is a very efficient design due to the close proximity between the appliances, sink(s), and countertops. This style is in vogue since it does free up a significantly large island of available counter space. This style tends to employ a clean and clear ambiance, which is clearly reflected in the furniture that is present in the kitchen.
Galley – It is an elongated and narrow type of kitchen that comes with cabinets near the base, coupled with wall cabinets, counters, and even other services that are placed on one or both sides of a walkway in the center. You can also intersperse the entire kitchen space by placing appliances like fridges, sinks, cabinetry along with other functional items for the kitchen. The galley kitchens are generally small in size and hence they are less costly to construct in comparison to other types of kitchen layouts. In the terms of ergonomics, the galley kitchens are actually superior to the rest of the layouts of kitchens, owing to the fact that the main services are all clustered close to each other.
U Shape – Any standard U-shaped kitchen definitely features near the top of the list of the most versatile kitchen designs since it allows everything to be within easy reach, irrespective of whether the item is big or small. The kitchens constructed following this style are generally constructed with spaces to work placed on 3 sides. There are cabinets beneath them that have one parallel side that is bigger in length, than the remaining ones. This longer side is the one that at times is used as a galley as it generally is home to the washing area or a simple breakfast bar. Irrespective of the fact that the U-shaped kitchen is present in a large or small location, they generally give you a generous amount of space to work in and are very safe, owing to their single point of entry and exit. U-shaped kitchens are relatively one of the easiest types of kitchens to plan since this style allows you to have a lot of room for symmetry and where you can be flexible.
L Shape – This is the kitchen style to opt for if your kitchen space is a bit on the smaller side. Even if your available space is in the mid-range, you will not be disappointed if you utilize this style. However, this kitchen style needs a well thought out plan and a good amount of your attention, so that it does not become cluttered and/or unorganized. Modular Kitchens can be the perfect option when you are on the topic of aesthetic quality and smooth functioning of the L shaped kitchen. Modular Kitchens have brought about a revolution in the world of kitchens across the globe since they elevate the beauty of any kitchen and turn the kitchen into a contemporary and modern space.
Peninsula – This style for kitchens has been designed specifically for any kitchen located in an open space. In order for you to construct a peninsula kitchen, there has to be a considerable amount of available space for a person to maneuver. In broad terms, a peninsula has to be a minimum of 180cm in length(going up to 190 cm, in some cases) and at least 70 cm in depth. In case of the dimensions being any smaller than these specifications, the kitchen runs the risk of becoming impractical for working in and moving around.
Kitchen Island – Kitchen Islands have really transformed into one of the premier icons in the modern-day kitchen industry. It is the best option if your kitchen will be seeing a number of family gatherings, house parties, etc., at regular intervals. In the case of a kitchen island, everyone can take part in cooking, they can entertain the others and simply enjoy being around one another. In simple words, a kitchen island is a freestanding cabinet, which you can not only match your pre-existing kitchen design but can also give it a further aesthetic boost. A kitchen island may have a number of kitchen stools that come with it for hiking the number of seats available in the kitchen. There can also be extremely important drawers for storage and/or cabinets that are responsible for housing all of the
cooking appliances that the owner acquires.


Kitchens are not only a place to prepare food for your next meal. You cannot avoid the other functions of a kitchen as a hub for socialization and gathering. So whenever you style your kitchen or renovate it, make sure that it has been constructed well, so that it is aesthetically pleasing while also being effective, practical, and able to hold a proper congregation of people.

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