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Curtain Store in Gurgaon

Curtain Store in Gurgaon are basically the components of a person’s house that are responsible for the beautification of the interiors of your home and for the provision of a pleasant ambiance in your home. The term “Soft Furnishings” is a broad umbrella term that consists of anything that is made up of soft material(fabric). So, anything like mattresses, covers, sofas, bedsheets, and especially curtains all fall under this category. Curtains are one of the most important forms of Soft Furnishings and they are extremely important in instilling a soothing atmosphere in your home.

In this present age, curtains and other soft furnishings play arguably the most important role in the designing of your interiors. The term “Soft Furnishings” has its origins since the time that these materials have found themselves being used more and more in the decoration of the different rooms of the home(for example the drawing rooms and living rooms).

Advantages of Installing Curtains

Soft Furnishings have a number of different advantages which are as follows :

Adds Beauty

Curtains and other soft furnishings add a particular sense of beauty to all your general type of furniture items, keeping in accordance with your own style and/or expression. Take it from us at Samrat Interiors, the best Curtain Store in Gurgaon.

Important Part of Soft Furnishing

Curtains are among the most popular and important styles when it comes to soft furnishings, that play an important role in creating a pleasant experience for you. You should take that into account when trying to buy Curtains online, or from the store directly.

Easy Makeover (Even by Yourself)

In a way, curtains add a touch of comfort to your relaxation, since the soft materials take care of your body. Bedrooms, Guest rooms, etc., can all get a complete makeover, but at a very manageable cost, thanks to curtains. Even just spending on the curtains will completely change the entire look of your room(s).

Any great Curtain Store in Gurgaon, like Samrat Interiors, will tell you that it is possible to craft out some of the curtains you want to hang, by yourself, using the fabric that you prefer. It lets out your inner artist and you can have your artistic skills on display whenever your friends and family come over.

Color Coordination

Curtains are one of the best solutions when you are looking to add contrast to your room’s color scheme without having to repaint the entire thing. Curtains take the eye off the walls, making the whole room feel a lot more soothing and also gives it a great look. You can find all types of colour schemes when you browse our huge collection of curtains online.

Enhancing Quality and Lighting

Finally, curtains and other types of soft furnishings play a huge role in enhancing the quality of a room and also all the furniture that is present within it. They may seem unassuming, but they actually add a lot of value to the living experience you acquire from the room, and also increases the actual monetary value.

What Are the Important Types of Curtains?

Curtains are available in a whole lot of different types. They can be acquired on the basis of panels, pairs, etc. Once you have them in your hand you can install curtains by sewing them, hanging them in a number of ways, etc. and each different style gives a whole new fullness effect. It is the differences in-depth, the type of material used, shapes, color schemes, prints used, etc., that give rise to the separate sets of curtains. You can acquire each of these styles from the Best Curtain Store in Gurgaon, Samrat Interiors. It is preferable that you research all of the available types of curtains, before taking the decision of which one to install in your home as it will have a silent but discernible effect on your whole life and style statement. So let us take a look at the most important types and styles of curtains that are available on the market –

Pinch Pleat

This is among the most important and popularly used curtain designs in the top Curtain Stores in Gurgaon, like Samrat Interiors. True to their name, the top of these curtains are pinched. As a result, this type of curtain header leads to a much fuller set of pleats and a gathered effect that runs down the entire length of the curtains. This curtain design is generally fitted with a number of “pockets” or “rings”, in order to hang them from a bar attached to the wall.

Goblet Style

The Goblet Style of curtains actually share a basic similarity with the Pinch Pleat ones, on the basis of the fact that even these curtains have a pinch on them. However, for these ones, this pinch is done a few inches lower in comparison to the pinch pleat ones, which are pinched right at the top of the curtain(s). Make sure you check these out when browsing through Curtain Stores in Gurgaon, online.Tie-top: This is another very important and widely used type of curtain. For this style, you need to attach the curtains to poles. The attachment is done by tying a set of bows or knots, based on your preference. The tie-top curtains are perfect when someone is trying to achieve a proper Bohemian ambiance. Apart from that, even when going for a romantic and/or laid-back atmosphere, you can opt for the tie-top curtain design. In case you are unsure if the tie-tops will go with the look of your room, you can consult our professionals, here at Samrat Interiors, the best Curtain Manufacturer in Gurgaon. Their massive experience from years of work will help you through the whole process.Ripple Fold: Ripple Folds are the type of curtains that are heavily used in workplaces and educational institutions, among others. The biggest advantage of Ripple Folds is the fact that they are extremely easy to both open and close. The Ripple Folds need to have their headers installed on a track. You just have to remember that you will also have to set up the track first before you try and install these curtains. In terms of aesthetic beauty, the folds of these curtains have a soft flow. This makes the entirety of the curtain ooze class while also seeming very modern and contemporary. You will this aplenty among our massive curtain collection, at Samrat Interiors.


The Grommet is a type of curtain that comes with a set of holes cut out of them, at the time of manufacture. This makes them extremely user-friendly as there is no hassle when the time comes for you to install them. You simply string it on the rod or bar, so that segments of the curtain are exposed. In order to truly make it a Grommet curtain, make sure that you weave the curtain over and under the rod or bar, consecutively, in order to create a set of considerably large but soft ripples. If you ask the top Curtain Manufacturer in Gurgaon, Samrat Interiors, you need to have the rod or bar installed beforehand.

Box Pleat

The Box Pleat curtain design is best described by a couple of words, “Formal” and “Classic”. It forms a group of clear, angular, and quite wide pleats. In order to achieve this effect, they need to undergo a lot of specific sewing work, according to precise measurements. So, make sure that you complete the necessary thorough research before installing these curtains. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Samrat Interiors, for any help you may require for this.

Tab Top

The Tab Top does share a host of similarities with styles mentioned above, like the fact that even these curtains come with loops cut out from the top of the curtain(s). This means you can just pull this curtain straight over the rod or bar that you install prior to this step. Just keep in mind that with this curtain design, you will have a considerable part of the rod that will remain exposed with the Tab Tops. The basic difference is that the rounder pleats are way narrower than those of the previous ones.

Rod Pocket

Another great option that you will find in our humongous curtain collection at Samrat Interiors, is the Road Pocket, which is the go to option, if you wish to have the hanging rod or bar covered in its entirety. These curtains have the insert hidden away allowing them to completely envelop the rod. You need to keep in mind that you need to have a few tie-backs on hand when you want to install these curtains. They are also a lot more stubborn when you try to open and close them.

What Makes Samrat Interiors the Best Curtain Store in Gurgaon?

Efficient Process

At Samrat Interiors, the best Curtain Store in Gurgaon, we pride ourselves on the process by which we carry out Interior Designing works. It is defined by complete transparency and flexibility(to meet the customers’ requirements) so that you get the most appropriate design elements. Before anything else, our esteemed and experienced professionals will first have a lengthy discussion with you to understand exactly what you want and need. Beyond that, they will provide you with the choices that best suit your requirements. That way you have a concrete set to choose from and thanks to them you also know the best prices at which you can acquire them. Once that is complete the designs, colors, etc., can be tweaked to meet your preferences if you wish to choose us, when buying curtains online.

Transparency and Flexibility

Complete transparency and flexibility to meet your needs is our motto at Samrat Interiors, and so we make sure that the customer is aware of every single step in the process and is satisfied with the result at each one. Finally, when you have the curtain selected and it has been tweaked to fit the bill perfectly, we will take it to your preferred address ourselves and even do the installation for you, so that you do not have to worry about a thing. You just tell us exactly what you require and then just sit back and relax. Our team will have your curtains ready and installed in your home within the specified time while making sure to never exceed a reasonable budget

Importance of Light and Dark Coloured Curtains

Light Coloured Curtains

In case you are installing curtains in a room that is most probably going to receive a lot of sunlight then you should try and opt for curtains of a lighter shade. Light-colored is a great fit for rooms that have to deal with a considerable amount of direct sunlight every day since the lighter colors make the curtainless prone to get faded due to the sun. Dark or even bright colors have a tendency of fading away much faster in comparison with lighter hues. We recommend that you go for color options that are good for the summer, since the sun’s rays bounce off those bright colors (including white), keeping the rooms quite cool. In case of any confusion, it would be preferable to contact our team here at Samrat Interiors and go through our huge Curtain collection, to get a professional opinion on which curtains you can pair with your room and which shades work better in which locations.

Dark Coloured Curtains

The biggest advantage of curtains that come in a darker shade is the fact that they are much easier and less costly to maintain than light-colored curtains. You can also clean them very quickly because there are very few visible stains and/or unwanted marks. They are an excellent choice if you want complete darkness in your room(like your bedroom) since they do a brilliant job of blocking out the light. However, on the flip side, they get quite easily faded by continued exposure to sunlight. This mainly occurs due to the fact that darker curtains absorb heat quite quickly and then radiate it, even more so if they are unlined and/or it’s the summer months. Our esteemed professionals at Samrat Interiors can guide you when trying to decide if your room requires a darker curtain.


People often make the mistake of choosing a curtain in a hurry. As a result, they are not able to give the due time and diligence required when trying to select their new curtain. Coming in different shapes, styles, etc., curtains make a huge difference in the statement that you want to make through your room’s setting and also in your lifestyle. So make sure you search and find all the different types of curtains that you have available and take the help of professionals working in the industry, like us at Samrat Interiors, the best Curtain Store in Gurgaon, to understand which ones will pair well with your room and only then make the purchase. All in all, curtains cause an increase in the quality of lifestyle of an individual by creating an atmosphere that turns your house into a home.


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