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Get the Best Customized Furniture in Gurgaon from Samrat Interiors

You imagine it. We make it.

Are you someone who wants something out of the ordinary? Are you searching high and low for the dream furniture for your dream home?

Here, at Samrat Interiors, we are Gurgaon’s No.1 customized furniture store with an expert team of professional furniture designers, carpenters, upholstery tailors – who understand your requirements and create bespoke furniture that perfectly matches your style.

Here, in this guide, we walk you through the process of ordering your customized furniture in Gurgaon – right from project ideation to creation. Let’s get started.

Who are we?

Samrat Interiors is a family-owned furniture store in Gurgaon that is experienced in all areas of furniture design, manufacturing, and interior design. With over four decades of experience in furniture making, we are proud to state that we are the only furniture store in Gurgaon with an in-house manufacturing facility in the city.

Our team is united by a strong collaborative approach, and we are focused on producing quality products that are durable, attractive, and pocket-friendly.

Why choose Custom Furniture?

We believe that furniture should match your personality and lifestyle. Whether you are redoing your home for the umpteenth time or furnishing your first home, choosing handmade custom furniture transforms your “house” to a “warm, welcoming, home.”

Here are the top benefits of opting for custom furniture for your home:

● The right fit and function
● Choose your preferred colors and sizes
● Long-lasting investment
● Higher quality
● Design furniture to fit existing wiring and electrical outlets
● Unique, one-of-a-kind furniture

When you choose to buy custom furniture, you are investing in a one-of-a-kind product that will last for years. Have you seen elegant heirloom furniture that is passed down for generations? The custom furniture you choose today will become the heirloom furniture that you can pass on to your kids.

Made with premium quality materials, most custom furniture is handmade. Here, at Samrat Interiors, every piece of furniture that we design and manufacture is made with premium quality teakwood using sophisticated carpentry principles that last for years to come.

The best part: with custom furniture, you are getting one-of-a-kind unique pieces that will reflect your personal tastes and styles.

Fit and function are the two main reasons why people opt for custom furniture. Do you need a bed that falls between the standard king and queen sizes? Or do you have an oddly-shaped wall at home and you are looking for the right wall units for it? Or do you want organized compartments and shelves to store all your clothes and accessories in your closet?

The solutions to all these questions lie with custom-made furniture.


Custom Furniture Design Services in Gurgaon – Our Process

Here, at Samrat Interiors, our specialty is custom made furniture in Gurgaon. We enjoy creating the perfect piece of furniture for our customers. Hence, we offer a free design service to all our customers.

Step 1 – Consultation
When customers approach us for custom furniture, we start by scheduling a one-on-one consultation with the customer and our furniture design manager. The manager interacts with the customer to answer the following questions:

● What is the function of the furniture? What will it do?
● What is the available space? (We send a team of designers/interior decorators to your home, office or retail outlet, to note the available dimensions in which the furniture can be fitted).
Step 2 – Brainstorming
We then work with the client to discuss various elements of the furniture like – desirable features, required styles, intended use, etc. We show clients with other furniture examples and photos to help them choose the preferred style they desire.

Step 3 – Design/Sketch
In this step, our furniture designers give customers 3D/2D designs of the output. We continue revising the sketches until the client is completely happy with the design.

Making the Furniture
Once the design has been approved by the client, our furniture designer coordinates with our team of in-house carpenters and furniture makers to transform the designs into reality.

Delivery and Installation
Once the furniture is complete, we provide delivery right at your doorstep. We also help you with furniture installation and fittings in your home.

Luxury Furniture Stores in Gurgaon

Apart from designing regular furniture, Samrat Interiors also offers luxury bespoke furniture design services for commercial spaces like – restaurants, cafes, high-end luxury brand stores, malls, premium outlets, hotels, and more.

We provide all-in-one services right from designing the interiors to manufacturing custom furniture to suit your specific style of interiors and themes. From wood to laminates to fabric, we incorporate different materials and patterns to create custom-designed furniture that fits perfectly for your requirements.

We assign a dedicated project manager for your project. The project manager visits your place, works with your interior designers and decorators to get a clear picture of what you are looking for. Once we have all the details we require, your project manager coordinates with our team of in-house carpenters to design, make, and install your custom furniture.

Contact Samrat Interiors today to discover how our custom furniture making and interior design services help you create magic in your home or office.


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