Interior Designing Trends for 2020 that will Truly Inspire You!

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2020 has a great ring to it. It definitely sounds like a good time to transform your living space.

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration to create a mood board for your home interiors, we’ve got you covered. Here are some interesting interior design ideas are like to slay the home interiors arena in 2020.

Royal Yet Chic Velvet Look

Velvet is an extraordinary blend of class and comfort. It has a luxurious look and a soft and cosy touch, both at the same time. Some may find velvet unsuitable as a fabric for their upholstery fabric. But its a plausible frontrunner for the best in the interior design industry in 2020.

When you think of velvet, your mind automatically jumps to the old, dull red color scheme. But the interior design industry is taking a huge leap towards velvet design ideas this year, and the color options are extremely wide. Some of the most trendy colors include vibrant shades of blue, purple, bright and pastel pink, dusty and rusty orange, etc.

Go Bold with the Monochromatic Theme

When we talk about monochromatic, the colors that come to our minds are dull grey, black and white, etc. But monochromatic color schemes need not be pale all the time. 2020 will see the rise of cobalt blue, Kelly green, emerald green, etc. These colors will surely enhance the boldness and elegance of your home and leave your visitors in awe.

Black and White Tones

Black and White is, without any doubt, the classiest combination of all times. The blend of dark and light colours is a gift from the fathers of interior design. There are numerous ways in which you can incorporate this minimalistic duo of colours in your home décor.

Black sofas with white cushions and rugs or vice versa, black and white marble, or black and white modular kitchen scheme- the options are endless. This black and white trend has everything to offer that you are looking for in order to transform your living space.

Rattan And Wicker Furniture

Rattan/wicker was a huge hit in the 1970s, and the trend lasted for almost a decade. With the beginning of the 2020s, rattan/wicker furniture will surely see its resurgence. Moreover, the latest trends suggest that one must go for natural materials over synthetic ones.

Rattan is specifically a natural material, and wicker is made of a host of materials like bamboo, straw, etc. Such furniture is not only bio-degradable but also fit beautifully in all kinds of surroundings. Therefore, with rattan and wicker, it’s going to be a win-win for you.

Fancy Patterned Bathroom Tiles

A well-designed bathroom automatically boosts the value of your home. Moreover, bathrooms are the best place to experiment and have fun with the material, paint, designs, etc. You can always brighten up your routine bathroom tile design with a vibrant splash of colors or refreshing motifs that ooze charm. If you are not one for fancy tile design schemes, you can try a sleek border for a subtle and sophisticated look.

Single Print Drama

Try out this simple, yet dramatic and stylish trend of a single print covering the room from top to bottom? A single print wallpaper and sofa set can be your go-to for a retro-classic-dramatic look for your drawing room. This design idea has been inspired by some extremely glamorous and timelessly chic people of the interior design industry and is here to stay.

Geometric Patterns

Just like the Black & White colour scheme, geometric patterns also have a timeless charm. These patterns are so popular that you’ll find them on everything, from cups, notebooks to bed-sheets and wallpapers.

It’s very easy to overdo it with geometric patterns, but they are not going away anytime soon. Thus, 2020 is going to be all about geometric patterns and designs. To make a bold statement, pick an area of your home and use geometric patterns over there. You can go for patterned tiles, or a thin-lined geometric wallpaper, a patterned couch between a solid-coloured sofa set, etc.

These are some interior design ideas that are going to fly high in the coming year. So, if you are planning to redecorate and revamp your home interiors, you should definitely go for one of these designs. Happy Re-doing and a Happy New Year!


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